Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Honest Concern

As a Mormon, this hit straight on. I stand up for my beliefs, though now I worry how that will effect my carrier in software engineering. Three years of late night programming and frustration may go to waste if employers start to reject potential leaders on the basis of what they believe. I understand the hate, the fact that we are closing an option for them. I talk about it with my friend from high school who was openly gay. What leaves me laying awake at night is that people can force repercussions on someone for their beliefs, totally contradicting the first Amendment of the Constitution. I believe that people shouldn't drink, I believe that people shouldn't smoke, and those opinions would be fine in the common eye. As soon as someone takes a stance against gay marriage, you may as well quit your job. It is an opinion and a belief that I hold to be true from God Almighty. It won't effect how I work in a position at a company.

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